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Create a complete visually compelling and charming presentation of a modern, tech-filled purse while keeping it fun and playful for presentation on multiple crowdfunding platforms.


We focused on basic colors and combined the curvy, blocky text with hand drawn borders and the Bella handwritten script. We decided to present the clean lines of this technical+fashion product by presenting it within urban environments and situations. 


The final presentation was simply clean, clear and fun to look at!




                VIDEO PRODUCTION


“The Bella is the world’s first and only freestanding designer handbag with an integrated tablet window, embedded rechargeable battery supply, interior light and glowing external spine, so you have the power to go go go!”


The Bella shown in “Bossy Blue” w/ tablet flap in the closed position.

When we began development of the UNRULY GIRL handbag, the goal was to create a fashionable, attractive purse with great technology and cool features tucked neatly inside, without sacrificing visual appeal. The result is the beautiful Bella - 100% girly on the outside and super nerdy on the inside. :)


Bella Features


The Bella combines high-fashion, a tablet window and a rechargeable battery supply - all in one pretty package!


Access your tablet on the go!

The Bella is designed for use with the Apple iPad, Samsung Galaxy 10.1, Dell Streak 10 pro, Motorola Xoom 1&2, Sony Tablet S and the LG Optimus. You choose the model that fits your tablet! Tablet not included. 


The internal acoustics of the Bella accentuate your tablet speaker for a sweet mobile music experience!


The Bella shown with the tablet flap in the “Ready To Play” position.

The Bella is a fully functioning purse with a large interior to hold everything you need, and there’s a bright light inside so you can find exactly what you’re looking for. Just open the bag and it turns on!


The brightly lit interior of the Bella.

And, just for fun, flip the internal light switch to “Fashion” mode to activate the glowing outer spine and make an illuminating statement. You don’t need a reason to show off!


Illuminated the spine just for fun & fashion. Or to attract a ride :)

Inside the Bella, we’ve provided a “wired” cozy pocket that lets you connect and charge your phone directly from the internal battery encased within the base of the Bella. There are multiple internal USB ports to charge your tablet and other mobile devices too!


A padded cozy pocket keeps your phone safe while charging inside the Bella.


Connect any USB phone or tablet cable to the internal USB connectors and charge up!

This means you get hours of portable charging power for all of your devices, regardless of where you find yourself. You can even charge your tablet while you’re using it!


At night, just plug-in and charge the battery supply embedded inside the Bella for all-day power to go. Any USB compatible device can then be plugged into Bella’s internal or external USB ports to recharge. Now this gives a whole new meaning to take charge!

The Bella is handcrafted in the USA from high grade leather and a lightweight aluminum spine with a waterproof rubber sole to keep moisture out.


Made in the good old USA!


Waterproof, rubber shoe-style sole. A bag with a sole! :)


The Bella has an adjustable strap for just the right position!

The Bella is available in these four fun colors: “Brainy Black”, “Bossy Blue”, “Grouch Geen” and “Perfect Pink”. Choose the color that best matches you. Or enjoy them all on different occasions, because one purse is never enough!


Own a true collectors item. Creative pioneer, Sabrina Ward Harrrison, has designed a beautiful textile filled with wonderful words of inspiration for the Bella. This turns your bags liner into your own personal sanctuary of positive reenforcement. Each time you open your Bella, tangible feelings greet you with a smile.


The “Bella” from UNRULY GIRL is the future of designer handbags, where fashion and technology seamlessly merge with style.


Hello technology, please meet fashion!

Please help us fund this project so we can bring more fun, function and fashion to the world.

Thank you!

The Bella by UNRULY Girl.

Risks and challenges

The Bella will be produced in four manufacturing stages.

1) The aluminum frame/base and all metal components will be produced with the support of our product engineering firm.

2) A mold for the branded rubber sole will be developed and castings will be made.

3) The completed frame+base+sole will be provided to a well-established handbag and shoe manufacturing facility in West New York state. Their team of skilled men and women will hand assemble and stitch the Bella to completion.

4) All Bella bags wil be delivered to our office in Portland, OR where they’ll be inspected for quality, then shipped to you!

Our goal is to ship product within 90 days from receipt of funding on Crowd Supply.

Questions and Answers

Q) Does the tablet come with the Bella?

A) No. You provide your own tablet.

Q) What kind of tablet will work in the Bella?

A) There are 6 versions: Apple iPad, Samsung Galaxy 10.1, Dell Streak 10 pro, Motorola Xoom 1&2, Sony Tablet S and the LG Optimus.(choose one)

Q) Do you make a Bella bag for the Apple iPad Mini or other 7 inch tablets?

A) We are currently designing the “Baby Bella” for iPad Mini and other 7 inch tablets. Stay tuned for an announcement by visiting the UNRULY GIRL website and signing up for our mailing list.

Q) What kind of phone can I charge in Bella’s phone pocket?

A) Any phone that has a USB charging cable.

Q) How do I charge the internal battery?

A) Bella comes with a USB to Edison charging cable. Simply insert the USB connector into the base of the bag, then you can plug into any wall outlet.

Q) How do I know when the battery is charged?

A) There is a battery level indicator on the spine of the bag, just above the power button.

Q) Can you charge/power devices from the USB on the outside of the bag?

A) Yes. The USB in the base of the Bella is bi-directional. You can plug-in and charge the Bella, or power a separate device.

Q) Is the Bella heavy?

A) The weight of the Bella is comparable to other “standard handbags”. By incorporating a lightweight aluminum spine, the Bella has substantial structure without additional weight.

Q) Can I still listen to audio from my tablet?

A) Yes. You can either plug-in headphones or listen with the tablet speaker. The Bella was designed to retain and accentuate excellent sound quality from your tablet when mounted in the window.

Q) How do I plug my headphones into the tablet?

A) There’s an access slot on the side of the bag. With the tablet cover flap open, feed the audio cable through the slot and plug it into your tablet.

Q) How difficult is it to remove the tablet from the bag?

A) It’s easy! Just flip open the tablet cover flap, unsnap the tablet sleeve inside and remove the tablet. Tada!

Q) How do I make the spine light up?

A) Just push the power button on the spine of the Bella to activate the power supply. Inside the bag you’ll find a small switch beneath the upper spine. Flip it into “Fashion” mode to activate the outer spine light.

Q) Can I clean the Bella’s rubber sole?

A) Yes, that’s part of it’s beauty! Just use a mild detergent with warm water.

Q) How do I plug my tablet’s charging cable into the internal battery?

A) There’s a trap door and compartment in the floor of the Bella. Inside you will find multiple USB connectors. Here you can plug-in any USB compatible cable and route it to your tablet. Store the excess cable in the floor compartment. 

Q) How do I plug my phone’s charging cable into the internal battery?

A) There’s a trap door and compartment in the floor of the Bella. Inside you will find multiple USB connectors. Here you can plug-in any USB compatible cable and route it to your phone or device. Store the excess cable in the floor compartment.

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